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From minimalist designs that embrace elegant simplicity to bold statement pieces that demand attention, we've got the perfect ring for every look and occasion.

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Ada Stacking RingAda Stacking Ring
Ada Stacking Ring Sale price$48.00 CAD
Ariel Dainty Pearl RingAriel Dainty Pearl Ring
Ariel Dainty Pearl Ring Sale price$35.00 CAD
Aura Flow RingAura Flow Ring
Aura Flow Ring Sale price$38.00 CAD
Croissant Pearl RingCroissant Pearl Ring
Croissant Pearl Ring Sale price$35.00 CAD
Dana Pearl RingDana Pearl Ring
Dana Pearl Ring Sale price$42.00 CAD
#color_GoldDiana Minimalist Ring
Diana Minimalist Ring Sale price$34.00 CAD
Grace Duo RingGrace Duo Ring
Grace Duo Ring Sale price$54.00 CAD
Lucia Croissant RingLucia Croissant Ring
Lucia Croissant Ring Sale price$34.00 CAD
Malia Ribbed Dome RingMalia Ribbed Dome Ring
Malia Ribbed Dome Ring Sale price$33.00 CAD
Minimalist Baguette RingMinimalist Baguette Ring
Minimalist Baguette Ring Sale price$49.00 CAD
Minimalist Wave RingMinimalist Wave Ring
Minimalist Wave Ring Sale price$31.00 CAD
Minimalist Zircon RingMinimalist Zircon Ring
Minimalist Zircon Ring Sale price$48.00 CAD
Setare Duo RingSetare Duo Ring
Setare Duo Ring Sale price$62.00 CAD
Siren Statement RingSiren Statement Ring
Siren Statement Ring Sale price$41.00 CAD
Victoria Cluster RingVictoria Cluster Ring
Victoria Cluster Ring Sale price$48.00 CAD
Zoe Pavé RingZoe Pavé Ring
Zoe Pavé Ring Sale price$40.00 CAD